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Thread: Enthoo Mini XL + GPU Watercooler?

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    Question Enthoo Mini XL + GPU Watercooler?

    I want to combinate a micro-ATX (AS-Rock Z87M OC; 4770k H2O; 4X4GB RAM; 2X MSI GTX780ti H2O; ATX PSU)
    and a mini-ITX (AS-Rock E350; 2X2GB RAM; SFX PSU) into an Enthoo Mini XL.

    Would there beeing enought space between 780ti´s watercooler´s and SFX PSU?
    The H2O I/O port needs 22 mm!

    THX for help!

    No it´s 2 tight! It´s only possible to use a Pico-PSU!
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