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Thread: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe 3-Way SLI ASUS Gaming PC Build

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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe 3-Way SLI ASUS Gaming PC Build

    I'm back in the workshop with another build. This will be a liquid cooled 3-way 980 GTX gaming system for a friend. I'll post photos of the hardware as it arrives to me. The theme will be inspired by Star Trek. I'll be performing some case mods to the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full tower case. I really like this case for it's features.

    I'll be hardlining with 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID PETG tubing, Mnpctech offers 24" & 12" pre-cut tubes here,

    Mnpctech created a full view replacement window panel to show off the hardware in his Phanteks Enthoo Luxe case. It's CNC machined from 3/8" thick 100% cast acrylic.

    Remove this Black factory case screw. You will replace it with the included Black Thumb screw included with the panel.

    The bottom of the clear panel has groove that mounts over the lip of the Phanteks chassis.

    The clear panel is mounted onto the chassis vertically, from the bottom first.

    The clear panel includes this custom made lock washer. The raised portion of the washer must be positioned over the clear panel.

    Use the included Black Thumb screw and lock washer to fasten in the clear panel.

    I like the clean look of this Antec 380 front grill

    The very 1st "Ph-antecs" case mod

    Shrouding the Phanteks Luxe chassis is really easy....

    Just make a cardboard template

    Used my template to cut a piece of White opaque acrylic... everything took less than 30 mins... I will use adhesive backed velcro to attached the shroud, so it's easily removed.

    Stay Tuned for more soon!

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    Will gave me license to adapt whichever Trek genre I wanted. I'm grabbing inspiration with a bit of the original series, cause I want to create an memorial plaque for Nimoy, and maybe the enterprise artwork from next gen, only because theres more higher quality artwork of the ship avail on the net. Next stage for this build was cutting a window in to chassis and shroud. This will be for viewing the Enterprise Warp Drive HD Activity meter. I used a Dremel with cutting wheel to make the first incision, then a Jigsaw with 18 TPI bi-metal cutting blade. The edges were filed before installing Black Edge trim u-channel on the chassis. I may place a Light Blue transparent window over the opening or leave it as is.

    Black U-channel Rubber edge trim for finishing window or fan cut-outs,

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    I mentioned starting another Star Trek theme project on Twitter and majority of responses suggested adding a Warp Drive. We already committed to using the Koolance RP-450X2 Dual 5.25in Reservoir, so a Warp Drive theme Reservoir didn't make sense. (I promise making one if I ever do a 3rd Star Trek theme PC) My 1st Trek build was for Comic-Con and David Gerrold, I partnered with Mike Okuda, who designed sets for the Next Generation series. The PC case was based on Spock's Tricorder. This Warp Drive from Playmates will serve as our Power and Hard Drive activity meter. I got this set for a song on Craiglist

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    Wish I had the skills and tools to do this. Even more so, time...

    Looking forward to your finished build

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    Agree, finding the time can be big challenge! Thank you for watching!

    Our 1st wave of parts has arrived. Here is our parts list from, I've linked everything below and waiting for Res and pumps.



    1x Koolance 380i CPU Block

    1x Koolance Drain Valve,


    1x Pair of 3-way SLI Bridge connectors for liquid cooling,


    3x 980 GTX Backplates,

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    Great project!

    Someday I want to grow up and do these kinds of things..

    Well, someday I want to do these kinds of things, but never grow up.
    =i7 980X @ 3.55GHz =PH-TC14PE w/2x TY-147A fans =Crucial Ballistix 3x4GB =GA-X58A-UD5 =ENGTX580 DirectCU II =e quiet! Straight Power E10 500W =Enthoo Evolv w/2x PH-F140XP case intake fans;

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    Agreed! ......Keep your heart, soul, and mind always young and open minded

    Last night I created Star Trek style badges for the rear 140mm exhaust and front bezel grill while binge watching the Walking Dead. I want a brushed steel look for both of these.

    Epoxied acrylic onto back of badges, to raise them off surface just a tad

    120mm version Overkill fan ring from Ronnie Hara's "Game of Thrones" build. I've made 140mm version of the rear exhaust fan ion this build, PC Cooling Fan Grills, 80mm, 120mm, 140mm, 200mm, 230mm

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    The Enterprise Warp Drive will serve as our HD activity meter. I've cut Darkside RGB light strip to fit inside. I've modified the drive's door with clear acrylic window to view PowerLED mounted inside.

    Removed top of HD/SSD bay. The Warp Drive will be attached to this for easy installation or removal.

    Darkside RGB light kits,

    Superbright 5mm LED mounted insode Warp Drive door for indicating Power On.

    RGB light strip inside Warp Drive

    More to come soon!

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    Gotta love the "warp drive". "PSU, we don't need no stinkin' PSU!"
    =i7 980X @ 3.55GHz =PH-TC14PE w/2x TY-147A fans =Crucial Ballistix 3x4GB =GA-X58A-UD5 =ENGTX580 DirectCU II =e quiet! Straight Power E10 500W =Enthoo Evolv w/2x PH-F140XP case intake fans;

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    haha, good one Doyll!

    Testing PMP 450/S Vario speed D5 pumps and Koolance RP-452X2 Dual Bay Res Rev 2.0. You can set this up for dual or single loops. I like using this set-up because it's very efficient and saves space inside a chassis this size.

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