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Thread: reversing airflow in an Enthoo Evolv

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    Question reversing airflow in an Enthoo Evolv

    I just place the order for my new Enthoo Evolv and was wondering if there would be any complications to forcing the airflow the other way - in from the back and top and then out the front?


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    Its not at all conventional and youll have tons of people who would argue against doing that, i dont know your personal reasons for wanting to do this, but there has been testing done on top intakes and front exhausts and the temps are bad enough that i could argue that if you have a good enough reason to go about doing this, that you shouldnt. So i say go ahead and do it. Im making my rear an intake, my front an intake and exhausting through the top. Im still tinkering with how i wanna go about the whole setup but im pretty sure thats the layout im gonna stick with.

    I can however say that after all the research ive done on top intake setups for trying to get the coolest air on rads its been proven time and time again to me that front intake rads work better with top exhaust or top exhaust rads with just plain front intake, you know the traditional airflow setups. And most people seem to agree with the idea of the more rads the better and that your best bet would just be intake with rads on the front and exhaust with rads on the top, and you could argue either way on intake or exhaust on the rear with or without a rad. Id argue with a rad intake (with these cases) or without a rad just leave it without a fan or make it an exhaust.

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    Yeah - I thought it's rear exhaust would be a factor on my desk but it's behind my monitor.

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