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Thread: Enthoo Evolv complaint.

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    Enthoo Evolv complaint.

    In general it's a fantastic case and I'll probably be a Phanteks customer for life, but I do have one complaint about it. It's supposed to be able to fit a HDD on this thing.

    But that's basically a lie. The only way it'll happen is if your PC has no exhaust fans. If you try to put it on the bottom it's blocked by part of the case. If you try to put it on the top it's blocked by the exhaust fans. I don't know if an SSD will fit on it or not, but it's definitely not going to be able to be used for reservoirs or a HDD like Phanteks claims.

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    Im not quite sure how the bottom of the case is blocking it, are you sure you didnt accidentally replace that panel upside down? Ive done that myself. I have no issues mounting an HDD there with my intake and exhaust fans in every possible locations a fan could fit, i even have an old corsair h100 rad on the top exhausting for my cpu. Could you provide more pictures?

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