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Thread: EK-MLC Setup in Phanteks Evolv mATX

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    EK-MLC Setup in Phanteks Evolv mATX

    Could someone confirm whether the EK-MLC 240mm radiator core module would be compatible as a front radiator in Phanteks Evolv mATX? With fans, it runs for about 68mm. I’ll be using RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition as the GPU. Nvidia lists its length as 267 mm. Of course, that’s with the stock cooler, and mine will have a waterblock installed. I’ll be installing another 240mm at the top with the same (68mm) height with fans installed.

    On a more adventurous note, if the above listed setup is compatible, I should also be able to fit a 360mm radiator instead of the 240mm one at the front, along with a 240mm one at the top with the same height, right? All of them run for about 68mm with fans installed.

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