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Thread: Luxe (Temp.Glass Version) vs Evolv X (Storage/Cooling)

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    Luxe (Temp.Glass Version) vs Evolv X (Storage/Cooling)

    I'm glad to be part of the community. Quick question. I purchased the Luxe to build a system focused on multiple hard disks and performance. Due to lack of intake air I ordered a mesh grille from the Pro series...
    But is the Luxe or Evolv X a superior case for HDD storage and best cooling via air?

    I still have time and budget to upgrade to the Evolv X, is there anything that stands apart between these two that would help me make a decision between the two cases?

    Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

    Sys Specs:
    Ryzen 5 2600
    MSI B450 Tomahawk
    6X12tb 3.5" HDD's
    GTX 1080i GPUx1
    TX.650M PSU

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    That is a lot of storage drives. I think they are about equal. Both Enthoo Luxe and Evolv X can have 2 - 2x HDD mounts on bottom below PSU cover. With Evolv X using 3x stock fans as front intakes has half of bottom fan is flowing air below PSU cover. Corsair TX 650M PSU is 150mm long so should just fit with cables and clear HDD mounts in bottom. Basically the same for Enthoo Luxe TG. It comes with 4x 140mm fans and bottom vent so better airflow to HDDs in bottom.

    Enthoo Pro (not Enthoo Pro M) is same base case as Enthoo Luxe with different front and top. The front has bigger vent. But it only comes with 2x fans so would need one more.
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