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    Project 916

    So I seen a few reviews of this case from the CES show.

    Really looking forward to this case being released.
    Looks like it's as big as a Primo but with a much better layout both internally and externally.
    - No silly door covering the 5" drive bays.
    - A cool idea to have the side of the case as the front.
    - internal drive storage setup is awesome. Allows for many different mods to be used by enthusiast builders.
    - loads of room inside for rad overkill which is something I love.

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    I have some suggestions and remarks:
    - functionality (x/10)
    - look (5/10)
    - durablility (7/10)

    Side panel:
    - functionality (5/10)
    - look (6/10)
    - durablility (4/10)

    Frankly, the full tempered glass kind of ruins the "full" metal case choice; some people do like the tempered glass (for showing off their 5k$+ hardware) but it doesn't contribute to the case build (it actually makes the case feel more "fragile", and even in terms of maintenance cost, how would someone be able to buy and replace a 1 square meter tempered glass that would cost more than a newer PC case??! )... Aesthetically, the side panel looks "nice" (depends on your personal taste and preferences)

    * suggestions :
    - functionality: It would be better if they make the access to both the upper and lower chamber via separate windows build in the side panel (something similar to the Corasair's 900D). If Phanteks can manage to include a side panel with two separate accesses (one for the top chamber and one for the bottom chamber) they can make more use of the ventilated area they included (which is to me for aesthetics purpose, nothing more; the designer noticed that the big piece of glass attached to the case doesn't look that good actually!).
    They can make the ventilated area a sort of exhaust system (which would make it larger) if they manage to "direct" the air flow in the case into that area or simply include/provide a build-in water cooling loop that would benefit from that ventilated area and put less stress on the fans specially that it seems (only watched a couple of Youtube videos) Phanteks designers haven't included any "large enough" air intake area in the front of the case (don't forget the dust filters please!).

    - look : Maybe only the upper chamber part should be tempered glass; the lower chamber can be made of steel or aluminium; Phanteks can include in-case temperature display (Honestly I don't think anyone would look at 3.5" HDDs, a powersupply and tons of cables )

    - durability : less glass, less plastic more metal... simple ( don't care if a PC case weights a ton since it's meant to sit on the floor or on a desk... it's not a laptop dudes! )

    A "full' metal chassis is a very good choice; more robustness, more premium look and would make it suitable for case modding.

    PS: "back to black" please ! Enough with the silver, gold and blue themes (a PC case doesn't have a match the color of my smartphone )
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    Interesting thoughts. Some I agree with, some I don't.

    I like your idea of interior temperature monitor, especially if the probe can be positioned different place to monitor cooler / radiator intake air temps.

    I also prefer solid panels rather than windows.
    Something I have never understood is having same sized & shaped panels not be interchangeable from side to side. All it takes is same mounting points for hinges and latches.

    Case accessories to include
    Optional side panels with and without windows
    Optional top and front panels on Evolv series with more venting
    Caster base options for the larger case.

    I like different color choices .. like white, gunmetal gray, black. White interior is so much easier to work in because it's easier to see .. also shows off components quite nicely.
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    for the side panels, in order the make them interchangeable the designer needs to consider a fully symmetrical chassis (which obviously isn't the case for this Project 916 case...). Maybe if the panels were mounted with 4 thumbscrews (at the 4 corner), that might be feasible. Considering a different mounting solution for example hinges and latches, as you suggested, would be more challenging especially with the actual design. The only possibility to me is modify the chassis structure (the metallic contour), which would not be that easy (that means they should try another different design! and I think that's what they should do), and that would only be for non-glass side panels (aesthetically having glass panels on both sides would be the joke of the year ).

    In my opinion, if Phanteks takes these posts "seriously" and consider the remarks when improving/modifying the design of the project 916... they can "conquer" the PC case market.. A few other products( like the Cosair Obsidian 900D) could provide them with a lot of inspiration. I hope they'll learn a lesson from the InWin and other "Bling-Bling LED's" companies; To make a market hit product there's no need to make it look an Alien technology case (design wise) or a complete "park big wheel" (all the lights and the 5$ strip rgb LEDs). Just focus on the functionality, all the other stuff should be left for "modding" (the look of the case is about personal taste and preferences, so please Phanteks leave it to the people... don't worry, they're big dudes and can take care of that by themselves just make the "ultimate" PC case )

    PS: Just noticed that the Project 916 is the actual Enthoo Elite case
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    When will be the enthoo elite be available on market

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    I think they are getting close to finishing the design and prototypes, but as far as I know they have not done a pre-production manufacturing run yet. The pre-production test run usually the run that makes the review samples. With CES just round the corner (starts 3 Jan 2017) I'm hoping they will announce it's release date at the show.
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    It is much better to have a separate power supply and water separate. gclub download

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