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Thread: ETA on New Phanteks Enthoo Elite

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    Question ETA on New Phanteks Enthoo Elite

    Seen a video of this case on Hardware Canuks
    A little pricey at 699 but would like to see more detail to know if it's worth that Caselabs Price tag.

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    Just thought I'd respond to this as I was curious as well, I watched a few videos and came across one where the Phanteks rep said it's planned to be released between September and October, it's near the end of the video.

    Can't wait to get this case, as a Canadian it's expensive as all hell due to our terrible dollar (699 usd is about 900 Canadian...) but I was going to get a Caselabs and it would have cost the exact same, but this has way more for that price.

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    I love this case but I don't love the price is it going to be a good as a case labs case for watercooling? This remains to be seen I guess we will have to wait till Phanteks gets it on the web site for pre-order to see all the specs.

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    I want this case! Looks amazing, there really is nothing like it out there. Any ETA on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carsonwen View Post
    I want this case! Looks amazing, there really is nothing like it out there. Any ETA on it?
    Me too! Can't wait for it to be released! Anyone from Phanteks can give an ETA?

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    I've emailed them a couple times, and I was assured it will be released before the end of for when, I sure hope sooner rather than later.

    I have new components and water cooling parts sitting around waiting until I can get my hands on this case!

    In the CES videos from a few months ago they did mention September to October, but it seems they missed that time line, so hopefully end of October we will hear some more

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    Come on Phanteks! Ive got $700 ready to hand over the moment you release this thing!!

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    I've been waiting to see this released since CES 2016 reveal.

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    well its end of October 2 days into November..and no news on this beast of a case...whats the deal. do we have to wait till next year? please say it isent so. :S

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    I'm waiting for this case i have $4000 worth of parts looking for a home

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