Just completed my new build using the Enthoo Evolv tempered glass case, and when I attempt to boot for the first time none of the fans spin. I have 3 case fans attached to the included fan hub with the fan hub connected to the SYSFAN1 header on my motherboard. I also have the sata power connector that powers the fan hub plugged in.

My initial thought was that the fan hub was not functioning, but I have different fans attached to a different fan hub that also do not spin on startup. My AIO CPU cooler, an EK-XLC 280, has it's own fan hub that is powered by another sata connector and is plugged into the CPUFAN1 header of my motherboard.

I've tested bypassing the fan hubs and connecting a fan directly into a motherboard header and it will spin on boot, so the issue is with the fan hubs. However, I am finding it hard to believe that BOTH the case hub and the radiator hub are broken in a brand new build... any ideas would be greatly appreciated.