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Thread: Enthoo Evolv mATX TG

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    Is there some type of notification list or something along those lines where we can buy these they day they come out? Thanks.

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    Was looking to buy the white old version, wanted a smaller white/black case to replace my old Corsair, but opted to wait for this updated version. Sadly though, they don't seem to come in white any more. Wonder why? :/

    Also, the all-black sides kind of overtakes the aesthetics a bit much on the brighter variants. Looks better on the ATX version, with its framed border. IMO. :-)

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    And what about 200mm cooling fan in front of new one chassis?
    It did not prove itself in the previous version of the model?

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    Just got mine in last week and made my first build in 7 years. I love the TG look!

    A Few quips

    - HDD led is nuts and kind of distracting, may just remove the header
    - not sure what to do with the top space or a way to block off some portions of the top since I'm worried some air is bouncing back in with only one fan mounted to the top
    - GPU fan def leaks sound out at full blast
    - the back panel tg magnets were weak. Phanteks is sending me a replacement though so hopefully that fixes that.

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    I finally got all my parts together to build in the silver Enthoo Evolv mATX TG. I wanted to fit a 280mm EKWB Predator and a 1080 w/ pre-filled EWKB water block so I had to take a Dremel to some of the bottom case area. In the end I think it came out pretty good although I really wish we had more openings in the top and front panel for airflow. Maybe vent slits, removable panels, just something to let air in/out.

    2 - 1.jpg

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