Hello there. I recently built a new computer and am having issues with the fan hub.

Mobo: Asus Maximus Hero VIII Z170
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i V2
Fans: 2 corsair fans that come with the cooler and 5 red thermaltake riing fans (Non PWM)

Things to note:
The corsair fans are PWM fans however the fan power cable that connects to the mobo is a 3pin DC plug i believe.

My mobo has a Water_Pump, CPU_OPT, CPU_FAN, CASE_FAN1, CASE_FAN2, CASE_FAN3 and CASE_FAN4.

Setup configuration:
Case PWM fan hub plugged into the CPU_OPT (Running 3 fans in the top of my case off this)
Water Pump Power into CPU_FAN
CASE FANS 1,2,3 Used for intake fans (I have a push pull setup on the front radiator)

The problem:
Initially everything was getting power but I was not getting an RPM reading from the fans for the pump through Corsair Link software despite them spinning.

I installed Asus AI Suite 3 to see what that may tell me. I noticed that the only fan I got an RPM reading on was the CPU_FAN but it was very low around 600-700RPM in standard mode and 950ish in performance mode, odd considering this was the fan that Corsair Link couldn't get a read on. HOWEVER when i cranked all the fans to "Max" with the Max button in the Asus suite. Suddenly the pump and the pump fans would spin up with the pump running at 1900 rpm and the fans hitting 2800 rpm on the link software.

I spoke to a buddy and he said that in silent mode the pump should be spinning at 1900RPM as he has the same pump and when i swapped between silent and performance mode for the pump settings in the Link software I noticed he was correct. He told me that likely the pump and fans weren't getting enough juice to power them properly based on what I told him.

Based on his suggestion I went into the Asus UEFI bios and changed the mobos fan control for the CPU_FAN socket to max to ensure it was getting max voltage to the water cooler and then rebooted. To my chagrin when I opened the Link software the pump rpm was at 1900 and the fans were running at appropriate RPM's for the current fan setting.

I went back into the ASUS Suite to configure fan curves to ensure the positive pressure I desired within the case and to attempt to match fan curves between the push and pull fans I had installed on the radiator. Using the suite to identify which fan was which I came across a NEW PROBLEM which I hadn't noticed before. The top 3 fans plugged into the PWM hub were not on at all. Since these were plugged into the CPU_OPT header the ASUS utility doesnt have a fan settings option for that port as I assume that the fans on the CPU_OPT port are given the same voltage as the CPU_FAN port from what my friend said.

Disgruntled I swapped the changes back and forth twice along with rebooting and fully powering down just to see if I hadn't had somehow had some anomaly happen and unfortunately discovered that this was indeed a new problem. When I reverted the settings the 3 top case fans running off the hub powered up fine.

My question:
1) How would you run this setup? Should I just move the PWM fan hub to the remaining chassis fan header?

Any other suggestions/input is welcome, i poked through the forums and while I found a few things somewhat related some of the discussion was over my head or totally unrelated to my problem.