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Thread: Evolv ATX TG question

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    Question Evolv ATX TG question

    I've been looking into the Evolv ATX TG and I'm absolutely in love with it. However there's one thing that's been making me doubt buying it for my next build, and that is the cable management. Since this time my poor cable management won't be hidden, I'd like to know how you guys dealt with it and if you found it complicated or not to get it looking nicely. Also, given that most likely I'd end up failing miserably at it, could it be possible to get a regular aluminium panel to cover that side of the case?

    I apologize if this question has already been answered before.
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    You could just put tinting on the back side window (very dark / black tint or mirrored tinting) and people wouldn't be able to see the cables through it.
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