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Thread: Evolv ATX Fan Configuration Advice

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    Evolv ATX Fan Configuration Advice

    Hi All,

    Was just looking for some advice on what you all think a good fan configuration is for the evolv atx. The case comes with the original 140mm fans in place as 2x intake on the front and 1x exhaust on the rear.

    I have 4 spare cooler master jet flo 120mm fans from my old build and was wondering if they would be worth using or not as I have them sitting around anyway.

    Considering the restriction in the top of the case I'm unsure if reversing the rear 140mm and making it intake so 3x140mm intake (original case fans) 2 front and 1 rear reversed for intake and 3x120mm CM jet flos as exhaust out the top (with the remaining bracket holes blocked off to keep air in the top compartment) would work or not as this would also provide positive air pressure.

    If it matters at all the GPU is a 1070 strix and cpu cooler is the standard ryzen 1700 wraith spire but I will eventually put a x62 kraken mounted in the front as people say it gets better temps that way.

    Thanks for the help in advance and all suggestions for fan configuration appreciated!
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    I would try three 120's in front as intake and one exhaust in back

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    Do you think the 120s will move more air then the phanteks 140s? Mainly because the 3rd 120mm fan will be in the bottom chamber so it doesn't look like it will help move much air up top. The cfm on the jetflo are higher at faster rpm but do you think its strong enoigh to pull air through the front of the case compared to the 140s?

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