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Thread: Recommendations for Airflow setup for Evolv mATX TG

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    Recommendations for Airflow setup for Evolv mATX TG

    Just got this case and love the look.

    I currently have a EVGA CLC 280 from the front drawing in air and put one of the case fans on top exhusting in the middle and kept the one in the rear.

    I'm wondering if I should actually move the top mounted fan further back or do something else to improve the airflow as i'm afraid it might be rebounding some air back down into the case given the constricted top vents and open top radiator mounts. Any advice?

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    Depending on the layout of things in the mATX case, some of the tweaks people have been making to the ATX version may help you out.

    Here's some changes I made to the ATX with 6$ in parts from Home Depot.

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    I cant see the images for your post unfortunately

    I think for the tg matx they pushed out the front a bit already.
    I'm mainly concerned if I should be blocking the large gaps in the top exhaust and if I should move the fan to the rear or leave it in the mid like I have currently

    I pondered putting 2 fans on top but I don't think my CLC will allow the space for 2 fans.
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    For any case make sure to have negative pressure to offer the best cooling.
    Use high static pressure fans as intake and use high cfm fans as exhaust will yield the best result.
    There is no huge difference in 120mm vs 140mm in your case being short on space good 120mm fans will do just fine.

    While I did my setup on an Enthoo Luxe same principle applies for a smaller case.
    You can read up on airflow setups on my article here:
    - Death Walks Among You.
    Everything me in one place:

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    I picked up this case today. I'll put two good 140 mm high airflow fans in front and one in back to start of. Should be plenty since this configuration worked well in the large Evolv ATX case.

    I'm hoping to switch to custom water cooling in some time.

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    that EVGA 280 CLC in the front gets too loud at any RPM over 1200.

    I kind of feel like I should change the fans on that. Also having the top exhaust fan in the center is still giving me doubts. I'm thinking of shifting it to the top rear.

    Also id' like to block the open top portions of the top fan mounts so I don't get as much rebound. What do you guys think? Any recommends on what to use to block the top open fan mounting portion?

    I really wish they included or sold some accessories that would do that.



    I may have found something!
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    A pricy solution, wouldn't a thin piece of black cardboard work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wachtel View Post
    A pricy solution, wouldn't a thin piece of black cardboard work?
    true, I'll try that first and see if it improves the airflow.

    Is this just a pretty noisy case or should I look at replacing those EVGA fans on the rad? my GPU is hitting 81 deg in PUBG regularly on stock.

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    found out the culprit for high GPU temps, It was the icx on my card spinning the mem fan too slow. For some reason in this case at least having both GPU fans spin is important to make sure the air flows through.

    either way I still moved the fan back and capped off the top mount holes with huge sheet fridge magnets so I shouldnt have any rebounding hot air.

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