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Thread: Evolv Shift - Air Cooled?!

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    Evolv Shift - Air Cooled?!

    Guys, I know it might sound dumb but here it is. I bought a Rayzen 7 and Phanteks Evolv *Shift* case. So... I am thinking of cooling it with air only, using convection also as it follows:
    -Stock Wraith Spire RGB cooler.
    - The top front mounted 140mm Phanteks cooler as *exhaust*
    - On the bottom 2 X 120 or 140mm Phanteks or other fans (haven't bought any brand yet) as *intakes* .
    So, two are pushing air in and the 140mm exhausts it from the top, higher RPM on bottom.

    The question is:

    DO *YOU* think it will work? Keeping it in decent temperatures, no OC, no heavy gaming.

    The official case link here.

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    It should work, at least that's actually the intended airflow depicted on the Shift website. Cool air from the bottom, CPU HSF that blows air towards the motherboard, while the front fan exhaust the heat out, with the top vents convex heat naturally.

    Do remember though, that CPU heat management and tolerance is considerably higher than previous generations, the component that has higher sensitivity to heat is the GPU. My Ryzen 7 1700X runs peak at 65 degrees C. While playing Destiny 2, it averages around 52-53 degrees C using standard single fan 120mm AIO. If you're using 1700, it will be cooler by several degrees... At least the TDP is quite low than the X.

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    I had a 4690K (88W TDP) overclocked to 4.3GHz on the intel stock cooler in that case with 2 x 120mm intake fans in the bottom and 1 x 140 fan exhaust at the top front. Temps got up to ~75deg stress tested with the OC, but stayed around 50deg under gaming loads without overclock.

    Wasn't that happy with the temps on OC, but it was fine on stock speeds. Ended up getting a be quiet silent loop 120, and now able to run my OC no problem for extended sessions.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I understand that the Ryzen chips have lower TDP than my old i5. You should be fine.
    Steal a fan from your old case and try it before investing in any new fans or an AIO. The case is great and I'd definitely recommend it.

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