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Thread: How to install RGB strips

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    you dont have to connect it any where that is optional to be able to add more RGB strips/Fan halos etc. in the future.
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    I'm having the exact same issue with the Enthoo Luxe tempered Glass edition. I've got both 12v sata power cables connected and the LED cable into my motherboard, however none of my motherboard lights are on at all! from reading the thread I take it I don't need to connect the 12V sata power connectors? I thought one of these were for the side case lights? Or will they all run off the RGB motherboard connector?

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    Please see posts 6 and 10 in this thread, if you are using the motherboard RGB header you do not need to use the SATA connector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prykey View Post
    Please see posts 6 and 10 in this thread, if you are using the motherboard RGB header you do not need to use the SATA connector.
    I've disconnected the sata power. Connected the led strip to my rgb header on the mobo and the front case connector but still no lights whatsoever. Ever since moving from my corsair air 540 I can't even get my Standard motherbaord Lights working. This is getting so tedious and frustrating.

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    I would add one thing to complete syncing of all RGB devices. I have the Phanteks Pro M Tempered glass case. Came with 2 RGB fans in front. I added one 140mm fan in rear and two Phanteks LED strips. I have 2 RGB connectors on my MSI Z390 motherboard. I connected the front fans and rear fan to one connector and the 2 LED strips to the other connector. The case comes with a RGB controller for the fans that I has a SATA power connector. The SATA case connector was not provided Power. Left unconnected. The LED strips worked great but the fans would not sync using MSI Mystic Light software. Finally figured it out. You have to turn off the RGB case controller, even though the SATA cable is not connected. Turns off by holding down for 2 seconds or so. After I got the controller turned off, everything synced perfect and it is an awesome effect. Very frustrated before figuring this out.
    Hope this helps someone.


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    THank you Michael for posting up your input. The more people who post things like this the more helpful our forum becomes.
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    Hi...I have a few of those cheap solar powered lights and when held out about shoulder high, they throw about as much light on the ground as our pole-mounted security light at about 100 feet. It's not much. When new (late spring) they'd burn for several hours after sundown. Now that the days are shorter, they'll extinguish after a couple of hours.

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