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Thread: Hey all!

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    Cool Hey all!

    Because i'm captain obvious i'll let everyone i'm new to the forum and wanted to say hey. I currently don't own a Phanteks case but cannot decide between the Luxe TG and the Evolv ATX TG. My idea is to have the build I want water cooled eventually using Slim radiotors. Anyway thanks everyone for taking the time to read my hey.

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    Hi everyone. I am too new to this forum. My name is Robert Smith. My reason for joining this forum is to explore more about Phanteks. I love Phanteks. My hobbies are hiking through games. I forgot to tell you you guys that I am an essayist and I am working in my blog.

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    Hi robert, seems like you pressed that submit button twice.
    I am new here as well and i am a content writer for custom essay service uk. I love hiking to as well.

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