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Thread: Halos and Asus Aura problems

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    Halos and Asus Aura problems

    Hey I'm new to the forum. I bought a few halos frames to add to my pc and having some minor issues.

    I have a ryzen 1700 with the wraith spire rgb, and a strix gtx1080, both which synced in aura fine before. I installed 2 noctua fans in the front, with the halos frames, and one frame for the exhaust. The front fans are split on a fan header. I have the three frames daisy chained to each other, at the end I have the rgb connect cable that is connecting to the rgb header on the bottom of my mobo(strix b350f). The wraith rgb is connected to the other header.

    After everything was installed it appeared to work fine so I put it back together. But I noticed the wraith rgb strip continually turning red, or flashing off. When I boot or set a new color in Aura it works fine for about 3 minutes before doing this again. Everything else is synced. I'm not sure why it's doing this. It will work fine, then either flash off/red, or get dim.

    My other issue is that I can't control the frames in Aura. Whatever the mobo lighting is set to the frames will set to. I updated to the latest version of aura with no luck. I'm kind of new to building etc as I built my pc in november. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wondering if it's possible to put the "Halos Lux RGB Fan Frames" in the front mesh of the Enthoo Luxe, just right behind the dust filter. May be a possible solution to Prykey's question.


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    Have you tried the following:
    1) Testing the Wraith RGB on the bottom header?
    2) Using the Aura RGB sync cable to connect the Wraith to the MB RGB header? (this might mean purchasing a separate Phanteks sync cable if your frames didn't come with it)
    3) Are you controlling RGB via BIOS or Asus app? (perhaps an update on the firmware or the Asus utility might offer a fix)

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    Nightwalk, any update for this please?

    It’s really annoying when ppl post a query and never bother to return with the fix!
    Kinda defeats the object of a forum, with lots of knowledgable ppl at your disposal that, in many cases, help fix issues that to the less knowledgeable, appear very difficult.

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