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Thread: How to sync Halo Fan Frames sync with 3rd party RGB components using MB RGB header

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    How to sync Halo Fan Frames sync with 3rd party RGB components using MB RGB header

    For my full build specs and summary, view

    For both of my RGB builds, I'm using a Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming motherboard which has a single 5-pin RGBW header.

    Each build uses the Deepcool Gammaxx GT RGB cooler (which has an rgb 120mm fan). So in essence there are two RGB leads on this cpu cooler.

    I have also outfitted each build with Deepcool RF120 RGB case fans as intake and exhaust. My CoreX5 build has 7x RF120 RGB fans, and my 650D build has a single RF120 working as exhaust.

    I purchased 2x Halo Fan Frames to affix to a pair of 140mm Noctua Redux fans.

    The Deepcool 3in1 case fan package comes with RGB sync cable and LED extension cable. So I originally used the Deepcool cables to chain the Halo Fan Frames so that all RGB LEDs would operate on the single mb header. As others have observed, the Halo fan frames are out of sync with the rest of the RGB components, which strongly suggests a crossed wire. I juggled every combination of RGB fans on the various cables to ensure there wasn't an issue with the cabling.

    I next purchased the Phanteks Sync cable adapter (PH-CB_RGB4P) and if the Halos are connected alone with this cable to the MB header, then the fan frames stay in sync. But if the Deepcool cables are added to the chain, then Deepcool fans suddenly go out of sync.

    I decided at that point that each RGB system needed to stay on their own chain and I bought a RGB splitter off Amazon: This ultimately proved the solution, with Deepcool on one plug, and Phanteks Halos on a separate plug. This allowed all RGB components to be controlled and sync'd from the MB header.

    I also added a BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB 200mm fan to each build, and these fans played nice with the Deepcool chain, but NOT the Phanteks chain. I also added a RGB/UV Cablemod 60cm strip for the CoreX5 build (comes with its own splitter) and it too syncs nicely.

    In summary, if you want to mix and match Phanteks Halo frames with other RGB components, and only have a single MB header to work with, get an RGB splitter (make sure you get the male pin connectors if purchasing these separately).

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    Just read this with interest.

    I am about to build a MSi Z270 Gaming M7 in a Phanteks Evolv X - using 3x 120 Halos and 3x 140mm Halos.

    The 3 Halo 120s will be bolted to a H150i Pro cpu cooler.
    The 3 Halo 140s will be bolted to the supplied 3x 140mm Phanteks fans in the case.

    My dilemma is the Z270 MB is NOT digital with regards to the RGB header and has the same 4 pin 12v as your gigabyte board.
    However, the Phanteks Evolv X IS digital and has a D-RGB hub.

    So, do I get non digital RGB halos and using a Y-splitter, connect them to the MB header?
    Do I get digital Halos and connect them to the Phanteks controller?

    I’m not worried about Rainbow sync so will be using static colours only. I just need to know the best way to connect them (all 6 Halos) to my system?

    Thanks in advance

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    Same here, im thinking about getting the digital and putting then on an enermax controller, did it work with your controller?

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