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Thread: How to cool down GPU in Enthoo EVOLV ITX

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    Exclamation How to cool down GPU in Enthoo EVOLV ITX

    Last days I have bought Enthoo EVOLV ITX case. I have many problems with air flow in it
    Even If I created a small tornado I have problem with cooling down GPU. I have over 84 degras and I can't do anything with it Do you have maybe any idea how to improve gpu cooling?

    Some details:
    My current setup:

    2 in take fans on front
    1 out take fan on back
    Huge cpu radiator and fan
    All fans are 140mm

    Any advice is more than welcome!

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    I’m not up on cpu rads, someone else can correct me on this....but wouldn’t that afffect the amount of air and temperature of air coming into your case?
    By looking at your pic the air that does come through is being pulled to your cpu cooler, not much is getting to your gpu.
    Try placing smaller fans inside your case pumping air to your gpu hotspots and see if that does any for your temps.

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    I know this is old, but for anyone else interested my favorite aftermarket coolers have been made by ARCTIC cooling. I have used their air coolers and their AIO liquid coolers. They’ve dropped my GPU temps at full load from 80+ C to below 60 C at full load in games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and other games that use the Crisys engine likeKingdom Come.

    I have used their coolers on GTX 980’s and 1080 FE’s. I don’t overclock anything I just prefer my components cool and quiet.

    Otherwise for the case I use push pull. In the Evolv and Luxe I have fans win the front and the bottom blowing in, and the fans on the top and by the CPU blowing out. It’s been my favorite method for airflow for the past 17 years.

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    Front and bottom intake generally with PCIe back slot covers removed and I rarely use a rear exhaust fan or top fans and get very good temps Oh, I also close off all openings in front and bottom not being used by the intake fans so none of the cool air they are pushing into and toward back of case can leak out around them.
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