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Thread: Evolv X Pre order/news?

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    Question Evolv X Pre order/news?

    Anyone know if / when we might be able to pre-order the Evolv X? (Not Shift) I was hoping to find some sort of announcement or specs on here since Computex but haven't had any luck. Luckily Dmitry @ Hardware Canucks always does amazing reviews and their videos have been a great help in planning my build. Coming from an Enthoo Primo and now packed into a P300 awaiting the Evolv X I am super excited for this case.

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    I myself am ready to order all my parts and would really like to wait for the evolv x... it would be nice for some info.

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    I heard it would be August of this year.

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    Here is a little information I put together from news videos taken at Computex 2018

    August is projected release date I've heard too.
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    I can't wait to have this case.
    I have 2 PCs (1 Ryzen 1700X and 1 Intel 7700K), one on a Corsair Carbine 540 Air case and the other on a Cooler Master Mastercase Maker 5, they take too much space and i want to stick both PCs and all the SSDs/HDDs i have in one single case.

    As soon as it's available i'll pre-order it with all the extra parts.
    I'll need the PSU too.

    Hopefully Phanteks releases it in August as projected.

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    I'm pretty sure it will be available by the end of the summer.

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    Do you know if it's available already?

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    I'd like to know too. Will a pre-order be available in Canada?

    I have the Evolv ATX TG and going to build a SFF media/streaming PC, but fell in love with this case... again!

    Just throwing it out there... love to see a bundle offer: Evlov X + ITX bracket + Revolt X PSU.

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    Can we get a pre order group buy going on here?

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