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Thread: Evolv X Pre order/news?

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    I don't believe they will be doing pre-orders at all unfortunately based on all the emails I have received from them. I'm just hoping for full spec sheets and such prior to release as well. still slated late August it seems.

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    where would be the best place to buy from i wonder? im waiting on this case for my build

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    I guess it depends a lot of where you live.

    I've been asking Phanteks for a bundle discount (with the Revolt X and ITX bracket), but living in Canada, there's no way I can buy directly from Phanteks. Phanteks has a "Canadian shop site", but that is really just the US site with Canadian dollars. It seems like all products still ship from US.

    As a test, I checked out the Evolv ATX from Phanteks US and the shipping cost to a US address = $25 USD. The cheapest shipping option on Phanteks Canada to Canadian Address is $150 CAN and an additional $32 CAN for "international handling". Not to mention any taxes/duty/brokerage charges once it crosses the border.

    Really, my only hope is that Canadian retailers get this when it launches... and not months after like most PC parts (or worse, on special order and wait even longer).

    I'm a bit bummed.

    EDIT: Phanteks did confirm Canada will not get the Evolv X until after the launch, but couldn't confirm when... FML.
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    According to a reddit post with a chat screenshot, release will be last week of the month. I'll confirm =)

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    Good news / Bad news:
    I just received the following from Phanteks Customer Support:

    "Hi Jack
    The Evolv X will release by August 28th . We are opening pre-order option during the date from our website. It takes 2 weeks to send out the case cause our schedule for the Evolv X arrive is around September 10th .
    PhanteksUSA Support"

    This was received this afternoon, so it is the latest as of now. These people are great! They are taking the comments from the posts and doing their best to keep their loyal customers happy. Good job all...

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    Awesome news PaPharmer!

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    OK so tomorrow is the big day.

    I just hope that the Evolv X case goes on sale here in the UK and that there isn't an additional delay.

    I am migrating my system to this case, and I have already bought the following in anticipation:

    Corsair H150i Pro AIO
    Seven Noctua A12x25 fans to replace all the Corsair fans and the Phanteks fans.

    I have had my current AIO for about five years now, so a replacement was on the cards anyway.

    The reason for the Noctua fans is twofold:

    1) They are the best bar none, for reliability and quietness.

    2) I want to set up a profile for the fans so that they work in concert with each other to keep the system at optimal temperature at the lowest possible noise level. This is just not possible if I have mish-mash of Phanteks fans in 120mm and 140mm and Corsair 120mm.

    Now I don't really give a flying one at a rolling doughnut with regard to RGB, I do however have five 8TB HDs and four SSDs to accommodate and this has been a deal-breaker with regard to my buying a case over the past four or five years. I am aware that I will have to buy an additional HD cage and I hope that these too are available at launch.

    This is the first case which pretty much gives me everything I could possibly want at a price which is affordable.

    With the Corsair AIO, the Noctua fans and the Case I am coming in at just under 500 ($750) for the entire cost of the migration.

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    Yes, me too, I am waiting anxiously for this. I have my finger ready to click "Submit Order".
    Lets hope tomorrow is a good day!

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