Enthoo Primo | PH-TC14PE

What is the maximum thickness 120mm form factor top mounting radiator?
Up to 70mm thick radiator with push/pull configuration.

What is the maximum thickness 140mm form factor top mounting radiator?
45mm thick radiator with 25mm thick fans in push/pull configuration for a total of 70mm clearance.

How much clearance for GPU(s)?
-Without Reservoir Bracket installed - 350mm
-With Reservoir Bracket installed

-With Cover - Maximum 4 x VGAs (<10.12"/257mm) installed.

-Without Cover

1. Maximum 2 x VGAs (10.5"/266.7mm) and 60mm max diameter reservoir installed.**
PCI-E x16 must be available at first and third slots of the motherboard.

2. Maximum 4 x VGAs (<10.12"/257mm) and 80mm max diameter reservoir installed.

What are the dimensions of the PH-TC14PE’s heatsink?


With fans:


What is the RAM limitation? 
Due to the size of our cooler, PH-TC14PE with dual fans will cover over the RAM slots. The fan that is on the side of the RAM slots can be removed or move upwards for better RAM compatibility.

Can I install fans with the depth of 38mm and how many fans are supported? 
As the distance between the two radiators is only about 28mm, you can’t install fans with more than 25mm in depth. It is possible however to install such fans on the front side of the cooler. Our PH-TC14PE supports up to 3 fans for maximum cooling performance.