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Amp Modular PSU

Product Code : PH-P1000G/PH-P850G/PH-P750G/PH-P650G/PH-P550G

Phanteks AMP power supply.



In collaboration with Seasonic, Phanteks AMP Series are high quality 80PLUS Gold Certified power supplies. The fully modular power supplies provide users with clean and great cable management with all black sleeved and flat ribbon cables. The 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan can be temperature controlled in Hybrid Fanless mode for ultimate silent performance. Phanteks AMP power supplies are certified to ensure 100% compatibility with the Revolt PRO PSUs.

PH-P1000G PH-P1000G_WT PH-P850G_BK PH-P750G_BK PH-P650G_BK PH-P550G_BK
886523500971 886523500988 886523500933 886523500834 886523500827 886523500810
PH-P1000G_02 PH-P1000G_WT02
886523510123 886523510130