Eclipse G500A

The Eclipse G500A pushes the limit with its high airflow design to unlock next-gen CPU and GPU performance.

Eclipse P600S

The Eclipse P600S is designed to bring you the best of two worlds. A hybrid forged between silent and high-performance chassis.

Enthoo Pro

Beautifully crafted and engineered to maximize cooling potential with its amazing expansion flexibility, the Enthoo Pro is the budget friendly mid-tower.

Enthoo Pro II

The Enthoo Pro 2 has been designed with extreme performance in mind, featuring Phanteks’ innovative ‘High-Performance Fabric’.

Enthoo Pro II

Server Edition

The Pro 2 Server Edition features support for the largest server and workstation-grade mainboards with cooling options to meet any cooling demand.

Enthoo 719

The Enthoo 719 has been designed to house the most powerful hardware with the flexibility to configure it to your needs for the perfect system.

Enthoo Elite

Built from premium materials that are engineered with utmost care and attention to detail.

Evolv Shift XT

A truly unique small form-factor chassis that extends to tailor the cooling performance to your need, with no compromise on performance.


Featuring a stunning near-seamless glass view and wide support for optimal cooling.


NV7 with its unmistakable purpose design, highlights the system components with the motherboard at its center.


NV9 is a full-tower chassis, featuring a stunning near-seamless glass view and support for eleven 140 mm fans and triple 420+280 radiators simultaneously.

XT Pro

With new hardware releases demanding more cooling capacity and internal space, the XT-series are designed to deliver just that.

XT Pro Ultra

The XT Pro Ultra comes with 4x pre-installed M25-140 fans and it delivers extremely good value. The length and width of the chassis easily fit even the largest graphics cards with space to spare for cable management. 

XT View

XT View supports the latest hardware with maximum cooling capacity and showcases this thanks to glass panels.