At Phanteks, we strive to bring innovation to the enthousiast PC market. The Glacier EZ-Fit water cooling system brings a new way to cool your system that is easy to use, flexible to design your own loop and brings the highest level of performance.

Separate fittings and complicated shopping lists are now a thing of the past. Instead, the fittings are integrated into the cooling components and even lets you combine hard tube and soft tube in the same loop!

All Glacier EZ-Fit components are made using the best copper, acrylic and aluminum materials using CNC machines for ultimate precision and performance.


CPU Block

The Glacier EZ-Fit 450CPU block comes with 2 integrated 16mm fittings to start building the loop immediately.


D5 Reservoir

The Glacier EZ-Fit 140RES-D5 reservoir is compact and versatile with its flexible mounting system.



The Glacier EZ-Fit 360RAD-30 is a slim 360 radiator. Its 30mm thickness makes it highly versatile for a wide array of chassis.