Glacier One 240D30

Premium D-RGB AIO Water Cooling

The Glacier One D30 AIO cooler is a high-performance cooling solution that offers a smooth D-RGB lighting solution thanks to the D30 fans. The Glacier One D30 AIO cooler equipped with D30 fans, can be daisy-chained and controlled through a single cable. Its large copper base and fin array make it suitable for use with high-end CPUs, while its design allows for maximum clearance with motherboard and RAM components.








Minimalistic And High Performance Design

  • Highly reliable and silent pump to provide perfect cooling.

  • Large copper base optimized for current and future CPUs.

  • Rotary fittings stay close to the pump to maximize RAM clearance.

Performance D30 D-RGB PWM Fans

  • High performance 30mm thick frame.

  • Super-clean look with screw cover plates.

Ready To Perform

  • Compatible with all common Intel & AMD sockets.

  • Toolless intuitive mounting system.

  • Pre-applied thermal compound and extra Phanteks thermal compound included.

  • Three tube clips included to guide the tubing and fan cables.

  • Flexible tubing with durable braided sleeving.

Integrated D-RGB lighting

  • 2x D30-120 D-RGB PWM fans included.

  • Smooth D-RGB lighting in frame and blades.

  • Compatible with Phanteks D-RGB controller and cases.

Asus Auro Sync | RGB Fusion 2.0 | MSI Mystic Light Sync | ASRock Polychrome Sync | Razer Chroma



Model No.


UPC Code



Aluminum | ABS Plastic | Copper



Intel Compatibility

LGA 115x | 1200 | 1700 | 2011 | 2011-3 | 2066

AMD Compatibility

AM4 | AM5

Radiator Dimensions

Length x Width x Height

277 x 120 x 27 mm | 10.90 x 4.72 x 1.06 in

Pump Dimensions

Length x Width x Height

76 x 64 x 51.4 mm | 2.99 x 2.51 x 2.02 in

Pump Details

Tube Details

Motor Speed

3100 RPM ± 10% (100% Duty Cycle)


12V | 0.38A – 0.45A | 4.56W – 5.4W

Pump DC Cable

490 mm

Sound Level

20.0 dBA


Copper | ABS

D-RGB Connector

3-Pin D-RGB Daisy-chain

D-RGB Cable Length

500 + 90 mm


400 mm | 15.74 in


10.5 mm OD | 0.41 in OD

Tube Clips



CIIR rubber | Braided sleeves

Fans 2x Included

Fan Model

D30-120 D-RGB PWM


Length x Width x Height

120 x 120 x 30 mm | 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.18 in


250 – 2000 ± 10% RPM

Air Flow

64.3 CFM

Fan Static Pressure

3.01 mm H2O | 0.11 in H2O

Sound Level

30.2 dBA


150.000 Hours

PWM Connector

4-Pin Daisy-chain

PWM Cable Length

700 mm | 27.55 in

D-RGB Connector

3-Pin D-RGB Daisy-chain

D-RGB Cable Length

600 + 100 mm | 23.62 + 3.93 in


Net Weight

1.50 kg | 3.30 lbs

Gross Weight

2.30 kg | 5.07 lbs


5 Years limited

Scope of Delivery

1x Glacier One 240D30 AIO cooler
2x D30-120 fans

Accessory Box

3x Tube clip
1x SATA to 2-pin pump adapter
1x D-RGB mainboard adapter 600 mm
1x PH-NDC thermal paste
1x Installation guide

Mounting Hardware

4x AM4 | AM5 Stand-Off screws
4x LGA 1700 Stand-Off screws
4x LGA 115X | 1200 Stand-Off screws
4x LGA 2011 | 2066 Stand-Off screws
4x Thumb nuts
1x AM4 | AM5 Bracket
1x LGA 115X | 1200 | 1700 | 2011 | 2066 Bracket
1x LGA 115X | 1200 | 1700 Metal back plate


8x 33 mm 6-32 UNC radiator screws
8x 35 mm 6-32 UNC radiator screws
8x 6 mm 6-32 UNC radiator screws

D30 Fan Components

1x Corner clip connector
3x Corner clip
1x Bridge clip connector
1x Bridge clip
2x Screw cover bridge
2x Screw cover L
2x Screw cover R




What is Digital-RGB?2024-05-30T12:24:53+00:00

Digital-RGB means that each LED chip can be controlled individually, allowing for multiple colors and effects in a single D-RGB LED strip. While regular RGB LED strips can only show the same color on each LED chip per strip at a time. However, not every Digital-RGB (Addressable) product is the same.

Phanteks D-RGB products2024-05-30T12:24:17+00:00

Are plug-and-play. No software is needed, yet it is compatible with software control through MSI or ASUS compatible motherboards if desired. Have custom developed color patterns. We believe D-RGB lighting can be stylish when having the right color/pattern settings, which is why the Phanteks D-RGB controller is pre-installed with custom selected color modes and patterns.

Have 30 LED chips. This is a lot! Having 30 LEDs per product instead of just 8 or 12 creates a much more beautiful color gradient and higher quality lighting. This also means more color tints can be displayed simultaneously in one strip.

Why are Digital-RGB and RGB not compatible?2024-05-30T12:23:51+00:00

Digital-RGB and RGB have a different connector. Digital-RGB uses a 3-pin connector while RGB uses a 4-pin connector. Technical explanation: Digital-RGB uses 5 Volts while RGB uses 12 Volts. Connecting Digital-RGB products and RGB products would cause damage.

Is Digital-RGB compatible with my mainboard?2024-05-30T12:26:57+00:00

Digital-RGB from Phanteks is compatible with Asus Addressable-equipped motherboards and MSI Mystic Light Rainbow-equipped motherboards. Check with the Motherboard specifications if your motherboard has a ‘AURA Addressable Header’ or a ‘Mystic Light Sync Rainbow header’ with 3 pins.

How many D-RGB products can I connect to a compatible mainboard?2024-05-30T12:27:34+00:00

Each D-RGB product uses 1 Ampere. Check the power output with your motherboards specifications to determine how many D-RGB products can be powered by your mainboards. Currently mainboards support 3 Amperes.

How many D-RGB products can I connect to the D-RGB controller from Phanteks?2024-05-30T12:28:14+00:00

The Phanteks D-RGB controller can support up to 7 D-RGB products when using the remote. If the D-RGB controller is connected to your motherboard a total of 9 D-RGB can be connected to the controller. A maximum of 4 D-RGB products can be connected to a single output port on the controller.

How do I connect my D-RGB product from Phanteks to my mainboard?2024-05-30T12:29:05+00:00

Most of the D-RGB products and compatible mainboards include a mainboard adapter. Simply connect this mainboard adapter to the Addressable or Rainbow port on your mainboard and the Phanteks D-RGB products. D-RGB products from Phanteks can be daisy-chained so you only need one port on your motherboard. Most mainboards also include this motherboard adapter cable.

Can I install multiple Digital-RGB controllers in my case?2024-05-30T12:29:44+00:00

You can install as many D-RGB controllers as you would like. However they do not connect to each other. Each controller will work, and need to be controlled, individually.

How do I turn off the D-RGB LED’s on the Phanteks D-RGB controller?2024-05-30T12:31:50+00:00

Press and hold the ‘Mode’ for 2 seconds until the LED’s turn off. When using software control please consult with the motherboard manufacturer.

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